Ghost Mannequin

Show the design and shape in one Image.

Ghost mannequin, or invisible mannequin as it is sometimes known, is one of the industry standard methods of photographing clothing, this can be done on a white background, textured or coloured background and styled to fit the mood required. It is designed to show garments in a clear and attractive way, whilst also showing the design and curvature in one shot. Ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin is both a highly desirable and fun way to create visually pleasing images. This style of photography is great for websites, e-commerce platforms, social media and print. Send us your sample today for your free test shoot. We are a relaxed, fun but highly professional team to work with. Give us a call on 01920 318020 to discuss your next photoshoot or fill out the form below. 

Flat Lay

Flat Lay Photography is a great way to show case your products online.

Flat lay Photography is very popular on social media, just search #Flatlay on most of the popular sites and it will throw up thousands of results. However this does not explain what a flat lay photograph is, and why they are so popular? The simplest way to describe it would be a photography taken from above an object that is laying on a flat surface. Generally the backgrounds are plain unless specifically designed otherwise to enhance the product or scene been shot. Subject content can be basically most things; beauty products, shoes, food, flowers, clothing and even tools can all look great from above – it’s a form of photography which has totally been embraced by the fashion and marketing industries Alike. Influencers And bloggers Also love it, but there are even greater benefits for e.commerce and retail stores. Call us today to see how we can get your products viewed from those above. We are a relaxed, fun but highly professional team to work with. Give us a call on 01920 318040 to discuss your next photoshoot or fill out the form below.

On Model

Fashion Photography Hertfordshire & Essex Studio
On Model photography is a great way of showcasing your items to your desired target audience.

There is no better way than lifestyle and on model photography to show the product or fashion item in use and solving a problem for the viewer, either aspirational or practical.

B2BImages have over the last 25 years worked with some of Londons top model and acting agents and have built up relationships with companies and individuals in order to source the right model for your project.

We have a vast amount of experience in auditioning, Casting, and sourcing the right models for any brief.

We also have a network of colleagues around the UK so if it is not practical to shoot in our Hertfordshire studio we can often undertake shoots in studio or on location in most areas.

Below is an ad hoc behind the scenes video of a recent shoot for Lourmarin London. The models were specifically selected from our vast database to express the brands demographic. We are a relaxed, fun but highly professional team to work with. Give us a call on 01920 318040 to discuss your next photoshoot or fill out the form below.


Here at B2B Images we are so confident of the quality of our work and the service we provide, that we offer our new clients the risk free option to test our service free of charge. For product photography, ghost mannequin or 360 spins, we offer a free test proof image. So why not take advantage of this no risk option and call today on 01920 318040 or complete the contact form to book your free trial today!

Ghost Mannequin Product Shot Hertfordshire & Essex
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    Ghost Mannequin Product Shot Hertfordshire & Essex